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 These "Terms & Conditions" regulates the use of car by electricity website (carbyelectricity.com). Please read all of the following points carefully. If you are not a native English speaker or don't speak English, even in that case it is your responsibility to translate all of the points to your language and understand all of the points mentioned here. These are the terms and conditions of this website: 

1. By visiting this website or using any of our services or information from the website, you as a visitor, user, or advertiser unanimously agree to all of the following terms and conditions, including this point.

2. Any financial information mentioned here, under any circumstances, is not and will not considered financial or legal advice. Any website visitor or user of this website cannot make any official financial or legal points or arguments based on the information available on this website.

3. All the information here regarding any products, brands, prices, or technical specifications is tentative and may not be current in your country or region. Technical or price information mentioned on this website can be outdated or can vary based on your country of residence.

4. This website is not an official car producer's website. You must check official websites or authorized websites of car producers regarding specific cars. This website and the company that owns carbyelectricity.com will not be liable for any financial or technical loss due to the use of technical or financial information available on the website.

5. English is not the native language of the owner of carbyelectricity.com. This website and website owner company will not be liable for loss resulting from grammatical errors, typos, or technical glitches of this website. The meaning of the text on this website and in this "terms & conditions" will be thematic rather than word by word.

6. If you click on a banner advertisement or third-party links on this website, we might earn affiliate commissions. In addition, for banner advertisements or any other form of advertisement or sales of services or products (either physical products or digital products), we might use third-party services and tools.

7. Any views and wordings published on the car reviews section by website visitors or website users will be the view of the specific user and will not be and never will be considered as the official view of carbyelectricity.com or the view of the owner of this website. Any offensive, racially discriminatory, or any form of discriminatory and illegal comments made might be subjected to police complaints and legal actions.

8. All website visitors and users must follow the legal laws of their respective countries, regions, and territories based on ethical morals, social, racial, and religious norms so that their views should not cause racial, religious, sexual, or any kind of discrimination.

9. Website admin has the final right to delete or remove any user posts, reviews, or user accounts including logging history or any parts of user activity without any pre-informing respective website user if the admin has the basis to believe that the user is not following any parts of terms and conditions.

10. Any illegal activities such as hacking, spamming, malware attacks, or any kind of computerized or illegal attacks towards this website, the owner company, or any other website use will be subjected to reporting to police or legal authorities of the respective country or countries. Any financial or legal loss due to illegal activities by users will not be tolerated. All the losses as the result of illegal activities on this website will be subjected to legal action and the responsible person or company will be liable for covering all forms of losses incurred by their illegal activities on this website. In addition, the responsible person or company might be subjected to further legal consequences based on the user's residencies and/or user's usage territories.

11. Any digital properties, such as pictures, videos, audio, or copyrighted text, used in this website are not allowed to be used in any other form or any other media without prior consent. Exception, digital properties might be available to use further in another form or other places if they are copyright-free or not owned by the carbyelectricity.com team but it is your responsibility to check the rights, requirements, and authorities to publish those digital properties.

12. Blogs page, products page, or any other pages of this website can be shared on another website as a link or can be embedded without prior consent.

13. This document of «terms and conditions» can also be considered as «Disclaimer» or «Legal policies» for those countries or territories where disclaimer or legal policies are considered mandatory on the website.

14. The admin or owner of the company owning this website has all the rights to update and make the changes on some parts or as a whole of these «Terms & conditions» without any prior notice to the website user/visitor. Changes or updates can be done on a justifiable basis such as legal background, changes in national or international laws, changes in the business model of the website or website-owning company, bankruptcies of the company, or any other justifiable social, financial, or technical reasons.

15. Personal information about the website user/Visitor such as name, mobile number, email address, and/or browsing preferences/browsing history might be shared with third parties for advertisement, market research purposes, or for financial gain such as commissions unless that has opted out or has reserved for the right to not share information.

16. We might use AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies or AI tools and apps for the improvement in the functionality of the website and the quality of text, images, videos, or audio.

17. In case of disputes between two or multiple visitors/users or between user/visitor and carbyelectricity.com or this website-owning company; the company owning carbyelectricity.com has the final right to dissolve or dismiss the issue.

18. You as a user or visitor of the website must read and understand all of the points mentioned in «Terms and Conditions» before using or visiting any pages including the homepage of this website. It is your responsibility, as a visitor or user, to read, understand, follow, and agree on all of the points mentioned in this document.

19.  We as, the carbyelectricity.com team or as the owner/management team of carbyelectricity.com, will never ask for money, personal information, credit card information, banking details, or any form of sensitive information through SMS, MMS, email, or by calling. If someone tried to steal any of the information, money, or cryptocurrencies by pretending to be us, please never provide any of your sensitive information through SMS, MMS, chat, email, phone, or any means of communication. It is your responsibility to identify and be secure from scammers, spammers, or hackers We don't endorse any such activities such as scamming, spamming, phishing, or hacking. In addition, we strictly prohibit any of such activities. Any form of loss due to scamming, phishing, or hacking will be your responsibility. We don't cover any forms of losses due to the results of scamming, phishing, or hacking. 

20. You have the right to your privacy. Please check the privacy policy section for more information regarding your rights. As a user/visitor, you have the right to demand for eraser of your personal information. You need to make the deletion request by contacting us by email or going to the link provided in the privacy policy section.

21. If you are a non-native English speaker or you don’t understand English, even in that case, it is your responsibility to arrange the translation of English to the language of your understanding. You can use any free or paid translation services to understand this document.

22. We discourage any user/visitor from making one or multiple fake or spamming accounts with fake or spamming emails. Your account will be deleted, blacklisted and your IP address might get blocked without any prior notice for creating a fake spammy account.

23. Terms and conditions might be changed in the future and this version of«Terms and conditions» was last updated on 19 February 2024.

24. If you have any further questions on terms and conditions, You as a user, visitor, or advertiser of the website can contact us at: contact@carbyelectricity.com